Does your business sell anything?


When you accept Vaiu™ payments, you make your goods and services available to the customers of banks and e-wallets all over the world, seamlessly.

Lower your Credit Card Fees and Accept ANY Form of Payment


Do you have a website? An app?

If you are developing e-commerce capabilities in your website, a native app, a kiosk, or any service that processes payments or needs to communicate securely and conveniently with your customers, or if you want to enable your customers to pay one another or communicate securely with one another, we get you up and running quickly.

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Your application, as part of the Vaiu™ Network, can be developed to:

1.  Accept Vaiu™ payment tokens generated by any other application in the Vaiu™ Network that generates Vaiu™ payment tokens.

2.  Embed Vaiu™ token generation right inside your application for convenient, secure, sole-purpose transactions with your closed-loop application.

Benefits to your customers


For your customers, Vaiu™ eliminates the need for credential exchange, and protects against identity theft, stalkers, and unintended relationships.

For you, Vaiu™ eliminates the risks of identity management and reduces your exposure to the burdens of GDPR compliance.



Your customers can use a very wide range of payment methods including: credit cards, debit cards, stored value, bank accounts, crypto-currency, or any of the many wallets used regionally around the world. Our token payment services can be used in raw form by you or you may use the payment services we provide with our payment processing services which manage all payments for you, leaving you to focus on your business; simply, we deliver the funds to you.


No need to carry cash or credit card, all your customers need is their mobile phone with any Vaiu™ enabled application.


Getting Started With Vaiu™ Is Quick and Easy

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1. Join the Vaiu™ Network

Setup your profile and fill out the merchant section to be validated as a Vaiu™ Merchant.
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2. Let Your Customers Pay With Vaiu™ Globally

Sales proceeds from Vaiu™ tokens are automatically transferred to your bank account. No more need for handling cash, or wait for credit card company to deposit your sales proceeds into your account.